Life is Like a Russian Doll

It's something I had thought about for quite a while and was left in awe of when I pondered deep enough. We're all one tiny part of a huge, ever-expanding universe - one we have only discovered a very tiny portion of. A seemingly never-ending Russian doll - each part fitting perfectly in its place… Continue reading Life is Like a Russian Doll


Take 2!

When I started Life and Science, I did so with the intention of becoming a science writer and working on my writing skills. Both still stand, however, I initially thought I'd stick to academic writing after I graduated. To be honest, I didn't even know science communication was a thing, I just knew I wanted… Continue reading Take 2!

What is Self-Efficacy and Why is it Important?

I recently started watching Once Upon a Time and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I got into it (I mean, it's full of happy endings and who doesn't love those?!) If you're not familiar with the plot, here's a quick summary: Emma Swan has been a lone-wolf her entire life until… Continue reading What is Self-Efficacy and Why is it Important?