Hello! Welcome to Life and Science. I’m Tasfia; university graduate, aspiring science writer, and amateur photographer (emphasis on the word “amateur” – it’s just something I really like to do).

I graduated in 2016 with a degree in BSc Human Biosciences and Health Studies. From the following year, I began working on my career in science communication. I started Life and Science to keep an account of how my writing, and I – personally, evolve throughout my journey.

“So why “Life and Science“?” you might ask…

It’s my attempt of a play-on-words. My blog covers science and lifestyle – with the science part being more focused on the life sciences. (You’ll find more lifestyle-related posts on my Instagram page: LifeandScience_ )

I hope you like what you see! Have a look around, follow my social media and by all means, get in touch by leaving a comment. 🙂